A Book of Shadows is a book containing religious text and instructions for magical rituals found within the Neopagan religion of Wicca, and in many pagan . The Book of Shadows, or BOS, is used to store information you'll need in your magical tradition, whatever it may be. Many Pagans feel a BOS. A Book of Shadows – or Grimoire – is a place for a witch to keep her spells, rituals and other secrets. Here is a list of examples of what would go into your BOS.

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    Book Of Shadows

    Mar 5, Explore LADYWHYTEWOLFE's board "Book of Shadows", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Witchcraft, Magick and. There are things that you should find in your Book of Shadows, and then there are those that have no place in such a sacred book. You've got to keep in mind. In this post, we'll talk about how to make your own Book of Shadows. What it is and why you need one Your BOS is a sacred tool. It's an item of power and you .

    Origins[ edit ] Gerald Gardner, the "father of Wicca", first introduced the Book of Shadows to people that he had initiated into the craft through his Bricket Wood coven in the s. He claimed that it was a personal cookbook of spells that have worked for the owner; they could copy from his own book and add or remove material as they saw fit. He said that the practice of Witches keeping such a book was ancient, and was practised by the Witch-cult throughout history. According to tradition, Gardner claimed, the book was burned after a person died, so that it would not be discovered that they had been a witch. Gerald Gardner did not mention any such thing as a "Book of Shadows" in his though written three years earlier , novel about mediaeval witchcraft, High Magic's Aid.

    The Grimoire's spells and incantations are written in Latin. It makes only a few appearances in the television series and Leo later orbs it, to rest under a mountain of rock in the West Andes, to prevent the coronation of another Source. Bianca and her family of assassin witches possess a grimoire which contains their family's spells, although this is simply a grimoire and not the Grimoire. For instance, good spells were replaced with evil spells.

    Gypsy books[ edit ] In the series, Gypsies and witches are sister traditions. Though never specifically stated to be so, Gypsy families also have their own versions of the Book of Shadows that is passed down to immediate family members. This was shown in the season five episode, " The Eyes Have It ", wherein the Gypsy Eva finds her family spell book previously owned by her mother after her mother's death. Like traditional Books of Shadows, Gypsies' books contain spells and magical recipes.

    She claims the show draws deeply on wiccan terminology and ritual such as the witches' adding information to their Book of Shadows , but asserts that it is still a fantasy show. The author is more critical of Charmed's use of the book compared to real-world wiccans but adds, as Buckland did, that it is still a fantasy show. Aoli critically slammed the series' representation of witchcraft in an essay in Totally Charmed: Demons, Whitelighters and the Power of Three.

    Like the famed book of the series, the replica versions continued to grow as fans created more and more pages.

    How to create your own Book of Shadows

    The most extensive replica source has 2, pages to date[ when? Fan-made Book of Shadows have become an art form in itself, and many different people create these.

    Every artisan owns the rights to their own work, so many differences appear in each artist's re-creation of the pages. There is no one-copyright holder to this collective work, which has become a hobby, like scrapbooking.

    There was good-natured discussion over several years concerning which of the long-time crew and cast members had the best claim to the book. The candidates finally narrowed down to Brad Kern , the series' showrunner for its entire run; and Holly Marie Combs , who played Piper Halliwell and was the only cast member to appear in every episode, including the unaired pilot.

    Kern and Holly Marie Combs currently share custody of the book, and agreed to alternate possession between the two of them, each getting the book for an entire year at a time. Yes, there is rules in magic.

    The Book of Shadows - The Moonlight Shop

    Preferably in the front of the book. What you think is acceptable behavior. Trust me, you will need this. If you are not in a coven yet or already dedicated yourself to a god or a goddess, this section is a good place to write that down.

    This section of your BOS is also a good place to write down legends about your gods and if possible, artwork or images. Your BOS is the perfect place to keep old sacred texts. If you find a text that has a special meaning for you, write it down. Many witches also use this section to write down chants and old prayers. As a witch that does Magick and spellcasting, your correspondence tables are or will be some of your most important tools. They all have different purposes and as time goes by, it can be very hard to remember everything.

    Any BOS should have a section about herbs. What they look like and what you can use them for.

    One of the key elements in spellcasting is herbalism. Plants has been used for thousands upon thousands of years by people. With time, you will use plants and herbs for healing, spell-casting, cleansing and much much more. For most Wiccans and Pagans the year has 8 holidays.

    You should write down the rituals for each of the sabbats. For example, for Yule, you could write down how to clebrate the winter solstice. It can be very simple or very detailed. For example, if you have a full moon ritual.

    Many witches use their BOS to keep record of their divination results but some prefer to keep that in a journal instead. You can use this section to write down your spells. A good tip here is to divide them up by purpose.

    For example; prosperity, protection, healing, etc. This will make it easier to find them.

    How to create your own Book of Shadows

    Some witches use color codes to keep track of their spells. If you are a new witch, it might makes more sense to keep everything in one book.

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    It can be hard to keep everything organized. Start out with a good system from the beginning. That will help you a lot. I highly suggest you get a real good, sturdy book of shadows from the beginning.

    This is a book that will follow you for many years to come. At least if it is durable. Finally, remember that your BOS is a very personal thing. You can do with as you want. This article here is meant to help you get started. Read More. When you shop at The Moonlight Shop, you aren't just "another customer".

    You become part of The Moonlight Family.

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